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Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2020 adopted

23 Nov 2017

Council recently adopted its Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2020, with a focus on responsible domestic animal ownership.

Whitehorse Councillor Blair Barker said the new plan established a three year action plan outlining initiatives including community education, responsible pet ownership strategies, and methods that assist with the key objective of reuniting lost animals with their owners.

“Council is committed to making responsible pet ownership easy and rewarding through education, guidance and readily available information,” Cr Barker said.

Key initiatives identified in the action plan include:

  • A review of dog off-lead provisions
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive community education strategy
  • Development of a program to improve animal registration
  • A review of cat and dog curfews and compulsory animal desexing orders, and
  • Surveying the community to identify emerging and community-based domestic animal issues.

“The survey component of the plan seeks feedback from a range of park users on a number of issues, including awareness of off-lead parks and park patrols. It has been mailed to 2700 households across the municipality and the responses will guide Council as it adds to the action plan,” Cr Barker said. 

For more information, contact Council’s Coordinator Community Local Laws Danielle Schoner on 9262 6559.

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