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Whitehorse Creative Youth Community

23 Nov 2017

Council’s Youth Services Department has launched a new platform for young people to share their creative work in a safe, friendly, encouraging and supportive space.

Whitehorse Councillor Raylene Carr said the Whitehorse Creative Youth Community was a place to upload and view creative work such as music, art and design, film and literature.

“This is a great initiative supported by the Victorian Government, that allows young people to find an audience for their creative works and get ideas and inspiration from the works of others,” Cr Carr said.

“Cyber safety is key when offering such a service to young people and they can access this platform knowing their creative offerings and ideas will be respected and kept safe.

“Young people can also keep up to date with youth events and find information about support and youth services as well as having their say on relevant issues and topics.”

To explore the site and upload creative work, visit www.whitehorsecyc.com.au

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