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Know your Council’s performance results

1 Dec 2017

The City of Whitehorse continues to deliver for residents with outstanding performance results in the state-wide Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) indicators for 2016-17. 

Whitehorse Mayor Councillor Andrew Davenport said LGPRF highlights to the community, via the Victorian Government’s Know Your Council website, Council’s performance across a range of services and other measures, providing the community with a greater understanding of the work Council does. 

“When compared with other Councils, Whitehorse performed better than most across the majority of the indicators,” Cr Davenport said.

Overall the results demonstrate that Council delivers efficient high quality services while ensuring transparency in relation to its decision making on behalf of the community.

Council’s result on transparency was the lowest with 5.04% of decisions made at closed meetings compared to 7.17% at similar Councils.

Examples of some of the areas that Council performed well in are:

  • Animal Management: The time taken to action animal management requests decreased to 1.45 days which demonstrates Council’s focus on responsiveness to requests for service. Animals reclaimed improved to 91.57% which highlights Council’s commitment to returning animals to their owners.
  • Maternal and Child Health: The participation in the first MCH visit increased to 100.28%, which is important for supporting new mothers and babies in parenting, health and development.
  • Roads: Council scored 73 in satisfaction with sealed local roads in the most recent Community Satisfaction Survey, significantly exceeding the Metropolitan group and State-wide averages.
  • Waste Collection: Improvements to collection truck technology and driver procedures has resulted in improved overall performance in delivery of the waste and recycling collections with the rate of kerbside collection bins missed decreasing to 3.40. Council’s continued efforts to reduce waste to landfill has resulted in kerbside collection waste diverted from landfill remaining consistent at 51.12%, an excellent achievement given the declining weight of recyclables.
  • Governance: Satisfaction with council decisions has continued to improve with Council scoring 59 in the most recent Community Satisfaction survey, highlighting Council’s continued efforts in making decisions in the best interest of the community.
  • Financial Performance indicators: Council performed well across all indicators demonstrating Council’s financial sustainability.
  • Sustainable Capacity indicators: Council continues to perform well across a number of these indicators, demonstrating efficient and cost effective service delivery, while also ensuring an appropriate level of maintenance of community infrastructure.

For more details on Council’s outstanding results, visit the Know Your Council website: www.knowyourcouncil.vic.gov.au


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