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Parking permits: know your rights and limits

14 Dec 2017

At this festive time of year when many people are on the move around Whitehorse, Council reminds community members of their rights and limits if they hold a parking permit.

Whitehorse Councillor Bill Bennett said there were a range of permits issued to drivers to cover specific needs they have when parking their vehicle.
“Parking permits used in Whitehorse ensure that everyone has fair and equitable access to parking, in residential streets, shopping strips or other in-demand areas,” Cr Bennett said.

“There are different types of parking permits used across Whitehorse and each must be clearly displayed on your vehicle to allow you to utilise them.”

These include:

Residential parking permit
The residential parking permit scheme exists in some areas of the city so that residents (and their visitors) have on-street parking options close to their home. 
Disabled parking permit
Holders of Category 1 disabled parking permits (blue) can park in:

  • Any Council parking bay at no charge, provided they observe parking restrictions relevant to their permit and the conditions of the parking bay;
  • Any ordinary parking bay for double the period shown on the parking sign; and
  • Any designated Disabled Parking bay for the time displayed on the parking sign. 

Holders of Category 2 disabled parking permits (green) can park in any ordinary parking bay for double the period shown on the parking sign and payment of any initial applicable fee. They cannot park in a designated Disabled Parking bay.

Construction workers’ parking permits
A Construction Workers parking permit allows construction workers or tradesmen to park on-street in designated areas while working on a construction project (these are temporary permits for up to twelve weeks at a time).  A fee is applicable

For more information and to apply for a permit, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Parking-Permits.html

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