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Council wants North East Link Answers

14 Dec 2017

On Friday November 24 the Victorian State Government confirmed Option A had been selected as the preferred alignment for the North East Link.

Whitehorse Mayor, Councillor Andrew Davenport said at an Ordinary Council Meeting on Monday 11 December 2017 a Notice of Motion was passed unanimously, opposing the state government’s decision to select this option.

The Motion also included;

  • Write to the state government and the North East Link Authority seeking additional information on the proposed widening of the Eastern Freeway and the impact the project will have on surrounding parks, trails, wetlands and open space generally.  Also request information on traffic modelling undertaken and additional public transport services planned that would be made available to the residents of the City of Whitehorse; and
  • Notify the North East Link Authority, Eastern Transport Coalition, Local Members of Parliament and Whitehorse Leader of this motion.

Whitehorse Mayor Councillor Andrew Davenport said this will include six extra lanes, three in each direction, on the Eastern Freeway between Springvale Road and Bulleen Road. 

“Council has serious concerns about the loss of open space, the increase in traffic noise and the impact this may have on our residents,” Cr Davenport said.

A media release from the Premier stated construction is due to begin in 2020.

“Council is interested in learning more about the impact the proposed alignment may have on Koonung Creek Reserve which is an extremely popular local open space  used by many residents.” Cr Davenport said.

The North East Link Authority has advised that they intend to form Community Reference Groups regarding the project.

“I look forward to learning more about the details of this project, particularly the impact on the Eastern Freeway at Springvale Road where the traffic capacity will be doubled,” Cr Davenport said.

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