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Discover Council's new “talking” website

8 Feb 2018

Council's website is now easier for the community to access with the introduction of ReadSpeaker, allowing the words on the screen to be read to you.

Whitehorse Councillor Tina Liu said, with a simple click, the community could now listen to all webpages on www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au

“This is not only great news for vision impaired people, but also valuable for people who struggle with reading or who have English as a second language. This technology is a great innovation and Council has adopted it in its efforts to make sure all in our diverse community are catered for,” Cr Liu said.

“This will allow all in the municipality to keep informed and up-to-date with Council news and services, making it as easy and convenient as possible to get the information they need.”

With ReadSpeaker you can:

  • Listen to the whole page or specific sections on a page
  • Choose the speed of the reading
  • Translate the written web text into multiple written languages, including Chinese (Mandarin), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

To begin listening to a page, click on the play icon on the top right hand side of the webpage. By expanding the player toolbar you will have access to all settings and user options.

Visit your favourite Whitehorse City Council webpage and start listening.


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