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Top hygiene marks for Burwood retirement village

8 Mar 2018

Cameron Close Retirement Village in Burwood is Council’s business of the month for March after achieving five stars for best practice in food safety standards.

Whitehorse Councillor Sharon Ellis said the Cameron Close kitchen and food handling practices scored the accolade after meeting the requirements of Council’s 5 Star Health Assessment System.

“The assessment system evaluates the performance of businesses in a formal way that improves the safety of food manufactured, handled, stored and sold in the municipality,” Cr Ellis said.

“Cameron Close Retirement Village has exhibited excellent food safety standards and this achievement is the result of attention to detail and constant vigilance when it comes to safety and hygiene around food.”

The retirement village is at 155-221 Warrigal Road, Burwood.

Food businesses achieving a 5 star rating are promoted in Council publications and are also eligible for the prestigious Food Premises of the Year Award.

Food Premises of the Year fall under three categories:

  • Class 1 (eg Aged Care, Child Care, Hospitals etc.)
  • Class 2 (eg Restaurant, Cafe, Take-Away, Delicatessen, Bakery, Supermarket)
  • Community Groups (eg School Canteens)

The Food Hygiene Assessment (FHA) and the star rating performance system informs Council, food business proprietors and consumers about the standard of food safety being achieved in the municipality.

Council’s online portal is a user-friendly listing of food premises in Whitehorse and their star ratings, open to the public. To view the new portal, visit ehealth.whitehorse.vic.gov.au

For more information on the FHA, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/food-hygiene-system.html

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