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Take some easy steps to keep safe this winter

23 May 2018

As winter takes hold, Council reminds residents that cold weather brings specific safety challenges around the home.

Whitehorse Councillor Blair Barker said that the City of Whitehorse was prone to storms and high winds during winter, so it was wise to make sure all loose objects in the garden or attached to the house was secured.

“Keep an eye on large trees, particularly those close to the home, driveway or carport. Fallen branches during stormy weather can cause massive damage to property. An arborist can advise you on action to take if you are worried about your trees,” Cr Barker said.

Fire safety inside the house should be a key priority during winter. Never leave candles unattended or near anything flammable, such as curtains or bed clothes.  When drying clothes inside, make sure they are well away from any heaters to minimise the chance of them igniting.

“Winter is the time of year when people are tempted to leave wood burners, heaters and electric blankets going while they are out or when they go to bed. You should avoid doing this, as it is often not worth the risks associated with unattended fires and appliances,’’ Cr Barker said.
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade recommends you extinguish all open fires and turn off all portable heaters before leaving the home or going to sleep.

Ensure all your appliances and electrical outlets are in good working order, with no frayed wires. Don’t overload electrical outlets and remove cords when not in use.

Make sure fire alarms are working and installed on every level of your home. Check them regularly to ensure the batteries are working. 

It is also a good idea to have an emergency plan and ensure that everyone in the home knows or has access to emergency numbers in case something does go wrong. 

For more information and winter safety tips, visit the Metropolitan Fire Brigade website at www.mfb.vic.gov.au.

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