Whitehorse City Council

Safe Disposal of Syringes

Used syringes can pose a health hazard to the community. Council provides a range of services to assist you with the safe disposal of used syringes. 

Disposing of Syringes Safely

  • Sharps container units are available from Council's Nunawading, Box Hill and Forest Hill Service Centres. Full containers can be returned at the Nunawading and Box Hill Customer Service Centres only.
  • Use Council's syringe disposal bins, which are located in public toilets and exeloos (automated public toilets) throughout Whitehorse.
  • Council asks users of syringes not to leave syringes lying in toilets, streets, parks or drains as it creates a health risk. However, residents should note that the risk of catching a blood borne virus (such as HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C) by sustaining an accidental needle stick injury is extremely low.

Collection of Discarded Syringes

Sometimes syringes are discarded improperly. If you find syringes in your garden or other private property, please call the Syringe Disposal Hotline on 0430 524 749. The syringes will be collected free of charge.

If you find syringes in a park or road, please call Council's Operations Centre on 9262 6333.

Handling Syringes

Council recommends that used syringes are handled by professionals only. However, if you must handle one, please follow these instructions:

  • If you can, use tongs or protect your hand with a glove or cloth.
  • Never touch the sharp end of the needle, only pick up the syringe by the barrel end.
  • Do not try to replace the cap on the needle.
  • Put the needle and syringe in a screw top, puncture-proof, plastic container and seal it.
  • Tell children never to pick up needles and syringes, but to call an adult.
  • Do not put needles and syringes down toilets and drains.

If you are a user of needles/syringes, please remember:

  • Never share syringes
  • Never re-use syringes
  • DO NOT break the needle off the syringe

Public Toilets with Syringe Disposal Bins

Syringe disposal bins can be found in one cubicle of both male and female toilets at the following locations:

  • Elgar Park Mini Rail, Box Hill North
  • Slater Reserve, Blackburn North
  • Halliday Park, Mitcham
  • Yarran Dheran Reserve, Mitcham
  • Antonio Park, Mitcham
  • Simpson Park, Mitcham
  • Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, Blackburn
  • Bennettswood Reserve, Burwood
  • Brittania Mall, Mitcham
  • Eley Park Community Centre, Blackburn South

The public toilets are open seven days a week and open between 7-9am and close between 5-7pm in winter and between 7-9pm in summer.

Exeloos With Syringe Disposal Bins

Syringe disposal bins are located in all exeloos.

  • Schwerkolt Cottage, Mitcham
  • Box Hill Gardens, Box Hill
  • Blackburn shops, Blackburn
  • Mont Albert shops, Mont Albert
  • Brentford Square shops, Forest Hill
  • Riversdale Rd shops, Wattle Park
  • Skatepark, Box Hill South
  • Mitcham Mall, Mitcham
  • Rangeview shops, Mitcham.

The exeloos are open from 6am to 7pm, seven days a week.

Alcohol and Other Drug Help and Information Services

EDAS (Eastern Drug and Alcohol Service)
Counselling and Support
Phone: 1300 650 705

24-hour, 7-day confidential counselling and information service
Phone: 1800 888 236
Website: www.health.vic.gov.au/drugs/directline

Primary Health and Alcohol and Drugs Service
Phone: 9843 1288
Website: www.easternhealth.org.au/mental/alcohol-drug.html

YSAS (Youth Substance Abuse Service)
Youth Outreach and Support (Box Hill)
Phone: 9890 7855

In an emergency, please ring 000.