Whitehorse City Council

Community Safety Survey

Update December 2015

Thank you to all who completed our Community Safety Survey during October and November.

We had 120 responses and allocated a $50 Rebel voucher to one lucky Whitehorse resident.

An overview of the demographic information provided in the survey indicates:

  • Adults between the ages of 26 – 65 years and older adults aged 66 years or more were more likely to complete the survey than younger adults, youth or children.
  • 76% of the surveys were completed by females
  • Surveys were completed by people living in a broad range of suburbs within the municipality, as well as some completed by people who tended to live in neighbouring suburbs
  • 2  respondents identified as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander 
  • 22 people completing the survey were born overseas and 18 said they spoke a language other than English 
  • 4 people identified as a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) community
  • 16 people reported having a disability, with physical disability and mental illness being the most reported description provided
  • All respondents indicated that they had completed the survey themselves apart from one person who indicated that a family member or friend had assisted them
    The survey also contained a number of questions that explored people’s perception of safety and areas of concern.  We are still working to analyse these results, however the following key themes are emerging from the responses: 
    • 82%of respondents agreed or strongly agreed to the statement “there is a sense of community in my neighbourhood”. This sense of community was said to be created by connections to people and community groups, as well as events and activities.
    • People mostly knew 0-10 people in their neighbourhood to wave and say hello to, stop and chat and to socialise and spend time with
    • Knowing people and the friendliness of people in the community were the key reasons people feel safe in the community
    • Crime and the behaviour of others were the most common reasons given for feeling unsafe.

As stated, our analysis of the survey responses is continuing and we anticipate that a final report will be available early in the New Year.

Please note, for those people who raised a specific existing safety concern regarding the built environment, as part of their survey response, we ask that you contact customer service to lodge a request for action.

Please phone 9262 6333 or email customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au