Whitehorse City Council

Saving Water

Water saving showerheadMelbourne’s water supplies are limited and drought conditions over the past five years have meant that restrictions are currently in force. Water consumption per person in Melbourne has almost doubled over the past 100 years and this increase is not sustainable.

Currently, an average Melbourne household uses about 240,000 litres of water per year. This averages out at a little over 657 litres per day or five average-sized swimming pools.

There are a number of ways in which we can reduce water use within our homes and gardens.

Saving Water in the Home  

  • Install low flow, water efficient AAA showerheads and taps
  • Keep showers to four minutes
  • Install dual flush toilet systems and always use the half flush
  • If you have a single flush toilet, install a cistern weight
  • Only switch on your dishwasher or use your washing machine when full
  • Repair leaky laps and toilets immediately
  • Save cold water from the shower and sink while you wait for warm water to come through and use it to water plants and pots  

Saving Water in the Garden 

  • Follow any water restrictions in place (currently stage 3A)
  • Install a rainwater tank and/or a grey water system and use that to water your garden 
  • Use drip systems to water your plants
  • Make sure your pool is covered when not in use to prevent water loss from evaporation
  • Use a trigger nozzle on hoses
  • Plant indigenous and drought-tolerant plants which can withstand dry periods (for more information see Sustainable Gardening)
  • Use mulch to keep moisture in the soil.