Whitehorse City Council

Street Lighting

Council is responsible for the provision of street lighting and pays United Energy (and City Power for a small area of Mont Albert North) to maintain and develop the street lighting network on its behalf.

The street lighting network is constantly reviewed and upgraded in existing and developing residential, industrial and commercial areas in accordance with Council's Public Lighting practice. The policy generally provides for one light on every second pole (where possible) in residential streets with consideration for more frequent lights in the following situations:

  • At traffic management devices
  • At intersections, pedestrian crossings and changes in road alignment
  • At locations where road furniture such as bus shelters, bollards and seating are located
  • At the end of court bowls and cul-de-sacs to cater for the increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic and to illuminate the road termination
  • In the immediate vicinity of hospitals, local shopping centres and schools

There are around 10,100 streetlights in the city and around 21,500 poles. Based on Council's policy it is estimated that Council will install another 700 lights in the next 5-10 years.

The energy cost to Council to supply electricity and to maintain all the streetlights in the City is about $900,000 per year. Through its Energy Action Plan, Council is considering the use of 'Green Power' for part of its energy use for street lighting. More efficient streetlights are also being trialled that use less energy.
If you notice faulty, dim or damaged lights or light poles, please report them directly to United Energy on 13 20 99.