Whitehorse City Council

Street Trees

Street treesCouncil is responsible for the planning, planting and maintenance of street trees in the municipality. Council has a maintenance program which includes regular assessment of their health, safety, condition, pruning, removal and replanting requirements.

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Street Tree Planting
The municipality’s street tree populations consists of more than 72,000 trees., Tree planting generally takes place in the cooler months between May and October to promote tree establishment.

Council undertakes an establishment program for new trees for the first two years after planting. This includes watering, mulching, staking, and formative pruning to encourage optimal growth and shape.

If your request for a street tree is approved by the end of March, Council can usually include the tree in our next planting schedule, which is between May and September.

Street Tree Pruning
To ensure public safety and the long-term health of the municipality’s street trees, Council undertakes a 2 year pruning cycle for all street trees.

Find out when the cyclic street tree pruning will next occur in your street by using Whitehorse Maps.

Tree Removal Policy

The only instance where Council will require the removal of a street tree is where in the opinion of the Arborist, the tree is dead, dying or hazardous.