Whitehorse City Council

Student Accommodation Study

In 2006, Council completed pdf icon  Student Accommodation Study 2006.pdf (4.45MB) in response to the growing number of planning applications for student housing and the need to provide some direction and development standards to tertiary institutions, developers and residents to ensure that student accommodation adequately responds to the needs of students and the local community.

The study looked at the current student population residing in the municipality, the supply of purpose built student accommodation, student housing affordability and the forecasted demand for more facilities. The study also sought to inform the Council on the appropriate design of student housing and how the student market can benefit the municipality.

Amendment C87 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme approved on 4 June 2009 introduced a Student Accommodation Policy (Clause 22.16) into the Planning Scheme and made associated changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement (Clause 21.06).

The study, the associated pdf icon  Student Accomodation Guidelines.pdf (1.45MB) and subsequent policy address the issues of preferred location, provision of on-site parking, design, internal amenity and the off-site amenity impacts of student housing and provide direction for Council, the community and the development industry in considering applications for student accommodation.