Whitehorse City Council

Student Accommodation Study

The City of Whitehorse is home to key tertiary institutions; the Box Hill Institute and Deakin University. Over 18,000 local and international tertiary students live in Whitehorse and contribute significantly to the local economy. They also require a range of housing needs and resources.

Council recognises the need to plan for student accommodation, to ensure it meets the needs of the student demographic as well as managing potential local issues. It is widely recognised that students require specialised accommodation with regard to location, design and facilities. 

In 2006, Council completed pdf icon Student Accommodation Study 2006.pdf (4.45MB) in response to the growing number of planning applications for student housing and the need to provide some direction and development standards to tertiary institutions, developers and residents to ensure that student accommodation adequately responds to the needs of students and the local community.

Amendment C87 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme approved on 4 June 2009 introduced a Student Accommodation Policy (Clause 22.16) into the Planning Scheme and made associated changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement (Clause 21.06).

Council is reviewing its Student Accommodation Policy prepared in 2006 to look at changes that have occurred since the policy was introduced and gain a better understanding of issues associated with student accommodation, and ways to address these matters.

Council recently conducted an on-line survey seeking feedback in relation to student accommodation in Whitehorse. The survey closed on Sunday 20 May 2018. Council will now review the survey results in order to prepare a strategy for the management of student accommodation in Whitehorse. It is anticipated that a draft strategy will be presented to Council in the coming months.

Further Information

For further information regarding the Student Accommodation Study, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit at strategic.planning@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or on 9262 6303.

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