Whitehorse City Council

Sustainable Business

Running a sustainable business can help combat climate change but it can also provide benefits such as financial savings and having an edge over your competitors.

Reduce Operating Costs

Recycling, reducing your water and energy usage, and choosing energy-efficient office appliances and light globes will help you save money on bills. Installing water tanks and solar panels will also reduce your water and electricity bills.

Green Purchasing

People are increasingly choosing more environmentally and socially responsible products when they shop for household goods. The same can apply in the workplace in regard to tea and coffee, paper, stationery, light globes, cleaning products and energy-efficient office appliances. Where possible, choose a green product that has a lesser effect on the environment over a competing product that serves the same purpose.

Competitive Edge

When presented with two similar products, an environmentally-aware consumer would probably prefer the greener option. In a competitive market, you can help your business stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your environmental credentials. Running a sustainable business may also attract and retain staff that consider protecting the environment a major priority.

For more information on running a sustainable business, visit Council's wBiz website.