Whitehorse City Council

Sustainable Gardening

Veggie patchSustainable gardening is a growing trend in Australia. Due to drought conditions over the past decade, many Victorians have moved away from European-style plants that are heavily reliant on water to using indigenous plants that are more suitable to the local area.

People growing their own fruit and vegetables is also on the rise – partly due to rising food costs and also the fact that food you've grown often tastes fresher.

Composting & Worm Farms
Information about composting food scraps to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. 

Compost Mates
Compost Mates is a community-run program that involves local residents, schools and community groups collecting food waste from local businesses to use as compost.

Growing Organic Produce
Information about growing your own fruit and veggies.

Garden Design & Maintenance
Tips for designing a sustainable garden.

Home Composting Incentive Program
Council’s Home Composting Incentive Program offers a $30 rebate to residents to make it easier and cheaper to convert their kitchen organics and garden prunings into compost.

Indigenous Plants
Information about plants indigenous to Whitehorse.

Tree Education Program
This program aims to raise awareness about the benefits of trees in an urban environment and to encourage residents to plant and maintain more trees.