Whitehorse City Council

Sustainable Living

Prolonged drought, high frequency of severe weather events and increasing amounts of waste being sent to landfill are all indications that it is time to try and tread more lightly on our planet.

Sustainable living is about making small and simple changes to the way you live, so that you have a positive impact on the environment, your lifestyle, your community and even your finances.

Click on the links below to find out more about fairtrade and ethical shopping, foodmiles, buying energy-efficient products, and cleaning without using harsh chemicals.

Fairtrade & Ethical Shopping
Fairtrade organisations  engage in the support of growers, traders, raise awareness and campaign for reform of conventional international trade.

Green Cleaning
Cleaning using products that aren't damaging to the environment.

Green Purchasing
Buying sustainable/energy and water-efficient products.

Green Shopping
Eco-friendly shopping.

Sustainable Living Guide
Booklet providing advice on how to more sustainable at home.

Whitehorse Sustainable Living Week
A week of sustainability-themed events and activities.