Whitehorse City Council

Sustainable & Active Transport

Australians have become increasingly car dependent, with over three quarters of all trips being undertaken as either a driver or passenger of a car. This level of car dependency has serious consequences for the environment and public health. Council seeks to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution while improving the health and wellbeing of the community by supporting sustainable transport initiatives. Walking, cycling and public transport are the main forms of sustainable transport but car pooling and driving fuel efficient or cleaner fuel vehicles can also help make a difference. 
The City of Whitehorse is well serviced by train, tram and bus services as well as footpaths and bicycle paths – making public transport, walking and cycling attractive and feasible options for many trips.

Click on the following document for information about getting to the Whitehorse Civic Centre using sustainable transport: pdf icon  Sustainable Transport Options to Whitehorse Civic Centre (630.00kB).

For information about getting around Box Hill using public transport, click on the following link: pdf icon  Transport Access Guide Box Hill (501.98kB).

Public Transport
Train, tram and bus routes in the City of Whitehorse.

Ride2Work Day Community Breakfast
Enjoy a free breakfast as part of Ride2Work Day.

Cycling in Whitehorse
Information about cycling paths, our bicycle advisory committee and strategy directions.

Travelling with Limited Mobility
Information about improved access to public transport for people with disabilities.

Walking School Bus
The Walking School Bus program encourages healthy exercise habits, strengthens children’s road safety awareness and decreases the impact of cars on the environment.

Drive a Greener Car
Tips for more fuel-efficient driving.

TravelSmart Map
Pocket-sized map, complete with standard Melway references, provides the latest information on sustainable transport options in Whitehorse.

Sustainable Transport Options for Students
Information for school aged children using sustainable transport.

Bike It! Eastern Inter-School Bicycle Skills Competition  
Event for primary school aged children focusing on road safety and bicycle schools.

Eastern Transport Coalition  
The Eastern Transport Coalition advocates for sustainable and integrated transport services to reduce the level of car dependency in the eastern suburbs.

Walk to School
Schools can participate in VicHealth's Walk to School event.

Bike Shelter
Public use bike shelter at the Whitehorse Civic Centre.

School Holidays Bike Skills Program
Free program to build cycling confidence, skills and awareness for 8-12 years olds.