Whitehorse City Council

Waste (garbage,green and recycle) Collection Services

Households in Whitehorse are provided with an 80 litre (standard) garbage bin for their weekly waste collection. Rubbish in this bin type goes straight to landfill.

Material that can be re-used, recycled or composted should not go in this bin.

Rubbish must be contained in bags or wrapped. A fine of $200 can apply to bags or containers of rubbish left beside your bin for collection, garbage overflowing with the lid open, hazardous items placed inside your bin and bins left on the kerb for more than 24 hours after collection.

What Day Is My Bin Collected?

To find out what day of the week your rubbish is collected, visit Whitehorse Maps

Bins need to be placed out the night before collection day.

Council's waste services operate throughout the festive season and public holidays.

Missed Bin Collection

If your bin has been missed on collection day please first check that it’s the correct rubbish collection day, visit Whitehorse Maps

If your bin has a sticker from the waste collection company make sure you comply with their request before you submit a missed garbage bin collection notification. You may want read about Your Waste Disposal Responsibilities.

It is important to note that drivers will not return to pick up bins that weren't left out for collection on time, that have been filled inappropriately or have been placed in such a way that the truck's lifting arm is not able to access or lift the bin.

Bin Sizes

Find out ‘what size is your bin’.

Garbage Bin Charges

Find out about bin service charges.

Damaged, Missing or Stolen Bins

Council will repair or replace your bin if it has been damaged or stolen.

Notify Council of your damaged, missing or stolen bin to organise a repair service or replacement bin.

Size Change to an Existing Bin Service

If you wish to change you bin size (increase or decrease), you can request a size change to your existing bin.

New Bin Service

Before you submit a request for a new bin, please inform yourself about Bin Services and Charges.

Submit a request for a new bin service. For changes to your existing services use the links above.

Cancelling a Bin Service

Property owners (or managing agents) only can cancel a bin service.

Your Waste Disposal Responsibility

✔️ Waste You Can Put in Your Rubbish Bin

  • Bones/fats and meats, nappies (wrapped) and ceramics
  • Window glass (wrapped), mirrors, Pyrex materials and light globes
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Waxed cardboard and food-soiled cardboard

Waste You Can't Put in Your Bin

  • Hot ashes
  • Syringes
  • Unwrapped vacuum dust
  • Gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Timber, bricks, soil, concrete and other building materials
  • Hard waste such as appliances, engine parts
  • Oil and paints
  • Chemicals and solvents
  • Any other liquids

How to Pack the Waste in Your Rubbish Bin

  • All household waste should be bagged before putting it in the bin
  • Do not overfill the bin; the lid must close properly
  • Do not squash the contents of the bin because this can result in the waste being jammed and difficulty emptying the bin
  • All waste must be placed inside the bin. Extra bags or boxes of rubbish placed next to the bins will not be collected

Where to Place Your Rubbish Bin on the Street

  • When placing the bin on the kerb for collection, it is important to have the bin wheels facing away from the kerb
  • The bin must be clear of any obstructions such as parked cars, poles and trees
  • If you have more than one bin, please make sure the bins are more than 50cm apart
  • Place the bins side by side, not behind other bins
  • After the bins have been emptied, residents must bring them in from the street within 24 hours of collection, preferably the same night

What to Do With Excess Household Waste

If you have excess household waste and need more than one 80-litre bin, you can request a 120 or 240-litre rubbish bin or use a combination of sizes (fees apply). You can change to your existing bin service or order a new bin service.

Alternatively, you can dispose of excess household waste by visiting the Whitehorse Waste and Recycling Centre, located on the corner of Burwood Highway and Morack Road, Vermont South. The centre is open seven days a week.

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