Whitehorse City Council

Temporary & Mobile Food Premises

All food businesses and community groups that sell food from a temporary or mobile food premises within Victoria are required to register using a state-wide single registration and notification website called Streatrader.

Streatrader is an online system specifically designed for food businesses and community groups that sell food from a temporary site, such as a stall, van, trailer, community hall or vending machine.

The online system allows businesses to register and then notify Council when and where they intend to operate.

To operate a temporary or mobile food premises, for example at a festival or market in Victoria, you must:

  1. register or notify your temporary and mobile food premises with one council in order to operate anywhere in Victoria
  2. lodge a statement of trade (SOT) to let all relevant councils know where and when you will be trading in their districts.

How to Access Streatrader

Streatrader can be accessed by visiting: http://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au

  1. The first time you visit the website, you will be required to create a login account. Click on the 'Login' box.
  2. This will take you to a blank login page. You will need to click on 'Register here' as a first time user below the login box.
  3. You will be directed to Business Victoria website to create a new user account. Complete the fields and click on 'submit'. Once this has been created, you will have a username and password.
  4. Business Victoria will send an email confirming registration.
  5. You can now login to Streatrader using your username and password. 

Once you have logged into Streatrader, you can:

  • Apply online to register or notify the principle council of your intention to operate a temporary or mobile food premises anywhere in Victoria.
  • Complete a statement of trade form, advising any Victorian Council when you plan to trade.
  • Track the progress of your application form.
  • Amend any details about your business activities, trading information etc. 

There is no need to complete lengthy forms and send them to various councils that you plan to operate in. Streatrader will do this electronically for you. 

Your application/notification is emailed to your principal council for assessment. The principal councils may contact you for an inspection of your stall before granting registration or accepting the notification. 

 The principal council is the place where the business or community group:

  • Prepares food before trading, or
  • Stores the food before trading, or
  • Stores the equipment for the stall or tent, or
  • Garages the vehicle. 

Once a certificate of registration has been issued by the principal Council, a food business or community group may operate anywhere in Victoria while that registration is current, provided a Statement of Trade is lodged. 

Statement of Trade

A statement of trade is required to be completed through Streatrader at least five days prior to the event. This statement of trade will be submitted to the relevant councils electronically. 

Inspecting your Premises

Council's Environmental Health Officer may conduct an inspection during the event to ensure compliance with the Food Standards Code and your food safety obligations as they apply. Inspection reports will be recorded on your Streatrader registration to ensure compliance. This will be able to be reviewed by other Councils including your principal council.

For further information on operating a temporary food premises, please contact the Environmental Health Unit on (03) 9262 6197.