Whitehorse City Council

Transition Communities

Have you thought of what you will do when petrol prices are too high? Are you concerned about how to reduce carbon emissions? Would you like to connect with your neighbours?  

Now is the time to think local and help bring your community together to make a difference by joining the Transition Whitehorse Movement. 

A Transition Community could be a neighbourhood, school, kindergarten, street, sporting club – anyone or group wanting to make a difference to their patch.  

Transition Communities share ideas about solving some of the climate change and carbon emission problems at a local level. So why not join the Transition Whitehorse Community Steering Group or start your own interest group and join the Transition Whitehorse Movement. 

For more information on the Transition Whitehorse Community Steering Group:

Visit: www.transitionwhitehorse.wordpress.com
Email: transitionwhitehorse@gmail.com
Post: Transition Whitehorse Steering Group, PO Box 462, Blackburn VIC 3130 

For more details on the Transition Communities Initiative in Whitehorse, contact Council’s Sustainability Officer on 9262 6155 or email miho.portelli@whitehorse.vic.gov.au  

Online Resources

The Transition Communities initiative is supported by Whitehorse City Council and owned by the community.