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Travelling with Limited Mobility

For more information, click on the following link: Public Transport Victoria-accessible transport information or call 1800 800 007.


All metropolitan trains are wheelchair-accessible. The driver will help you board the train by placing a ramp between the platform and the first door of the front carriage.

Passengers who need help boarding trains should wait on the platform near the front of the train. On a metropolitan platform, this is marked with a yellow or white rectangle on the pavement.

When you reach your destination station, the driver will use a ramp to help you off the train.

To help the driver, it is best to write your destination on a note. At Premium Stations you can get a note from the customer service centre before you travel. If you are at an unstaffed station, you can use your own note.

For information about mobility aid specifications (including wheelchairs, scooters or motorised vehicles), see mobility aids.


There are nearly 100 low-floor trams on Melbourne’s tram network. The majority of services on routes 96 and 109 are low-floor trams.

They make travel safer and more comfortable with colour-contrasting grab handles, step edging for people with a visual impairment and improved customer service information via automated announcements and electronic displays.

Low floor trams have two allocated spaces for passengers using wheelchairs or mobility aids. This area is inside the double-door marked with a wheelchair symbol.  


Over 70 per cent of Melbourne’s bus services are wheelchair-accessible, rising to over 95 per cent on weekends and public holidays.  All SmartBus, SkyBus and NightRider services are operated by low-floor buses.

Some bus routes are fully wheelchair-accessible and others are partly wheelchair-accessible. At the stop, the bus driver places a ramp between the front door of the bus and the kerb of the road. 

Bus companies will try to schedule a low-floor bus for you, provided adequate notice is given. It is best to contact the company the day before you travel. A list of contact details can be found at the following link: Bus operators - contact details 


Wheelchair accessible taxis can be requested when booking with Silver Top on 8413 7202 or Yellow Cabs on 13 22 27.