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Tree Education Events

2019 Events

Talk - Life is Better with Trees

Monday 8 April 2019
7pm - 8pm
Nunawading Library, 379 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading


Do you have a big tree in your garden and want to know how to care for it? Maybe you’re starting a garden renovation and you’re not sure what species of tree to choose. Or maybe you’d just love to learn more about the role of arborists in our community. 

If so, come along and hear from Ben Kenyon, Principal Consulting Arborist and Director of Homewood Consulting. Based in Nunawading, Ben has a wealth of knowledge about tree care in the urban context to share with us.

Attendees will go into the draw to win a tree to love and care for. 

Pruning Fruit Trees

Wednesday 10 April 
6pm - 9pm
Wednesday 1st May
6:30pm - 9pm
The Whitehorse Horticultural Centre


Karen Sutherland from Edible Eden will deliver two talks on pruning fruit trees to maximise health and yeild. The first talk focuses on stone fruit and citrus, the second on those trees that should be pruned in winter such as apples and kiwi.

Green Walls - more plants into small spaces

Monday 6 May
7pm - 9pm
Nunawading Civic Centre - Willis Room
379-397 Whitehorse Road


Have a small space but want more plants and all the benefits they bring? Come and learn how from landscape designer Ben Hutchinson. He will speak about some of his favourite projects but in particular, how vertical gardens can be used to bring plants into small spaces allowing the benefits of plants where trees will not fit.


Attracting Insects to your garden

Thursday 23 May 2019
7pm – 8pm
Whitehorse Horticultural Centre
82 Jolimont Road, Forest Hill

Keen for more bugs in your backyard? Join Ian Moodie from ParksWide to learn about the types of plants that attract insects and the species of insects that you can expect to find in Whitehorse. Attendees will receive an indigenous plant to bring more bugs to your place.


Designing with Indigenous Plants
with Ben Crisfield-Smith

Wednesday 29 May
7pm - 8pm
Nunawading Civic Centre - Willis Room
379-397 Whitehorse Road

Get inspired by indigenous plants for spectacular sustainable spaces in your garden. Ben is a Landscape Architect with a passion for indigenous plants and loads of design experience.

Edible Native Plants for Your Garden

Thursday 13 June
7pm - 8pm
Nunawading Library


Julie Weatherhead, the author of Australian Native Food Harvest, will inspire us to incorporate the flavours of our native plants in our cooking. She will provide practical advice on the growing, harvesting and using of native plants.

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