Whitehorse City Council

Tree removal and landscaping

Trees are now protected across all residential zones in Whitehorse with new interim planning controls within these zones:

  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • General Residential Zone
  • Residential Growth Zone
  • Low Density Residential Zone

Amendment C191 has all the technical details or have a look at our frequently asked questions.

To find out what zone applies to you property use Whitehorse Maps. Once you search and locate your property there is an information bubble. Select Planning Overlaps Map at the bottom of the bubble to find out which overlays cover your property. Find out what zone you live in through Whitehorse maps

I would like to find out about: 
The significant tree register and tree protection overlays 
Landscape plans for planning applications 
Tree Education Program 
The Whitehorse Tree Study 
Street trees 
Nature strip planting

Relevant documents:
Indigenous Gardening in Whitehorse (13.94MB)
Whitehorse Landscape Guidelines (14.72MB)
10 Reasons to Plant More Trees Poster (3.82MB) 
Planning Application for Tree Removal Vegetation Protection Overlay (46.46kB)
Planning Application for Tree Removal in Significant Landscape Overlay (47.70kB)
Property Information Request Significant Landscape Overlay (45.82kB)