Whitehorse City Council

Trees & Gardens

Blackburn Lake Tree and BenchThe City of Whitehorse has more than 550 hectares of open space including parks, gardens, recreation reserves and trails. This open space coupled with the city's tree-lined residential streetscapes form a pleasant urban environment.

The municipality is also well known for the quantity and quality of remnant bushland areas, providing important habitat for local flora and fauna. 

Bushland Reserves
Bushland reserves in Whitehorse provide a home for local native wildlife and help preserve wildflowers and other indigenous vegetation.

Naturestrip Planting Guidelines
Applying to Council for permission to plant on your naturestrip.

Street Trees
Street tree planting and pruning information. Type of street trees in Whitehorse.  

Parks & Horticultural Service 
Council's ParksWide team is responsible for the maintenance of bushland reserves,  street and park trees, general parks, and horticultural services.

ParksWide Nursery
Council’s ParksWide Nursery is a wholesale only facility and produces more than 100,000 plants per year in a variety of sizes.

Tree Education Program
This program aims to raise awareness about the benefits of trees in an urban environment and to encourage residents to plant and maintain more trees.

Tree Reports & Assessments 
Informationto assist residents in selecting a qualified arborist to conduct tree assessments and reports on tree maintenance works.   

Weeds and Pests
Updates about weeds and pests in Whitehorse.