Whitehorse City Council

Naming of Unnamed Laneway Adjacent to Tassells Park Box Hill North

The City of Whitehorse has been asked to assign a name to a currently unnamed laneway adjacent to Tassells Park Box Hill North.  The naming proposal ‘Tassells Lane’ has been submitted for Council consideration.  (Note: the use of apostrophes is not permitted in street naming).

Council as the Responsible Authority

Schedule 10 (5)(1) of the Local Government Act 1989 provides that Council may, approve, assign or change the name of a road and in exercising that power must act in accordance with the guidelines in force under the Geographic Place Names Act 1998 and must advise the Registrar of Geographic Names of the action Council has taken.

The Naming Rules for Places in Victoria – Statutory Requirements for Naming Roads, Features and Localities 2016 (naming rules) uphold the guidelines provided for in the Geographic Place Names Act 1998.  The naming rules provide that Council, in naming a road, must ensure, (amongst other things) that a naming proposal conforms to Naming Principles contained in the naming rules.

The complete naming rules can be accessed via this link.

Council is seeking comment from the public about the proposed name. Written submissions in support of, or objection to, the naming proposal can be emailed to jenny.russell@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or posted to:

Team Leader Governance
Civic Services Department
City of Whitehorse
Locked Bag 2
Nunawading Delivery Centre Vic  3131

The deadline for submissions is close of business Wednesday 24 October 2018

Following the consultation period a report will be prepared for Council to consider and assess the naming proposal.

The names and addresses of people making a submission may later be used in a Council meeting report.  Enquiries may be directed to: Jenny Russell, 9262 6337