Whitehorse City Council

Using Parks & Reserves

Council has developed the following guidelines for residents and community groups wishing to use Council's parks and reserves.  

Private Events and Celebrations

Private events and celebrations that are planned in a park or reserve that meet the following criteria do not need to notify Council or require an Event Permit:

  • 1-100 guests
  • BYO catering
  • No infrastructure
  • No noise impact
  • No change to normal traffic conditions and parking
  • No fee charged for entry or participation. 

These types of events can be staged in any of the 350 parks and reserves in Whitehorse.

Birthday Parties with Contractors (Jumping Castle, Petting Zoo, Food Vendor)

Some birthday parties that are held in a Council park or reserve go beyond the standard family birthday party. If you are planning on having something special as part of your party (e.g. jumping castle/inflatable, petting zoo, food vendor), Council will need to be notified.

Please email ard.admin@whitehorse.vic.gov.au with the following information included:

  • Name of applicant
  • Contact number
  • Date of party
  • Exact location in park/reserve
  • Time of party
  • Number of guests
  • Who is the contractor attending (e.g. XYZ Amusements)
  • What is the contractor doing (e.g. bringing one jumping castle)

Please attach a copy of the contractor’s Public Liability Insurance (PLI) in the email.

Council requires that party organisers in this category have their own Public Liability Insurance. Please check with your own Home & Contents insurer to see if you are already covered by your policy.

Please note, an event permit will not be required for this type of party. For more information on Birthday Parties with Contractors, please refer to the Terms and Conditions: pdf icon Birthday Parties with Contractors - Terms & Conditions (139.69kB)


Low, Medium and High Impact Events

For larger, more complex events, organisers are required to obtain an Event Permit by completing an application form and supplying supporting documentation to demonstrate that the event will be produced in a safe and structured manner.  

If your event features one or more of the following elements an Event Permit will be required:

  • 100+ attendees (incl. participants, artists, staff, contractors, volunteers)
  • One or more caterers or food vendors
  • Temporary infrastructure required (for example: staging, PA system, marquees, portable toilets)
  • Increased noise impact at the site
  • Additional traffic to the site area
  • A fee charged for entry or participation 

For further information, please visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Event-Permits.html.

Sportsfield Use for Sporting Activities

For guidelines, application forms and additional information regarding conducting a sporting activity on sports fields within the City of Whitehorse, visit: www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Sporting-Activities.html

Use of Parks and Reserves by Health and Fitness Providers

For guidelines, application forms and additional information for personal trainers/health and fitness providers to conduct classes within the City of Whitehorse, visit: www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Personal-Training-in-Parks.html.

Park Access for Residents Abutting Parks  

To protect the community’s infrastructure, applications to access a park in order to access the rear of a property need to be submitted to Council for consideration.

A Park access permit must be obtained from Council's ParksWide Department before any vehicle enters a park or reserve. The permit application process is easy to follow and usually takes around seven working days to be reviewed and a permit issued. 

Park Access is granted only if there is not an alternative way to access your property and there are no adverse impacts on the park or its users.  Council reserves the right to reject any application.

Potential expenditure incurred by residents to accommodate alternative access will not be considered as part of the application process.

Download the pdf icon Park Access Kit including Application Form (119.20kB)

Alcohol Consumption  

Alcohol can be consumed in a park or reserve provided the alcohol is consumed in moderation by the person/s who brought the alcohol into the park or reserve and in accordance with legal age restrictions and other applicable laws in regard to alcohol.

Alcohol must be consumed responsibly and any unruly behaviour towards other park users will not be tolerated.

Event Permit Terms and Conditions

As part of the event permit application process, event organisers are required to read and agree to the pdf icon Event Permit - Terms & Conditions (148.39kB). All events held within the City of Whitehorse must be produced in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.