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Vehicle Crossing

A ‘vehicle crossing’ provides vehicle access to a property’s driveway from a road. Although a vehicle crossing is built on Council land it is the property owner’s responsibility to provide and maintain a vehicle crossing.

If you plan to construct or alter a vehicle crossing, you must obtain a permit from the relevant Coordinating Road Authority before starting works. Whitehorse City Council is the authority responsible for Collector, Link and Local roads. VicRoads is responsible for Arterial roads.

Please check the type of road the vehicle crossing is in, then follow the instructions below.

Whitehorse City Council



Municipal Roads (Collector, Link & Local) - Whitehorse City Council

Please read through the following requirements. These must be provided before a permit can be issued.

  1. Ensure one of the below items is included in your application:
    • Vehicle Crossing Diagram
    • Approved Civil Works plan
    • Council endorsed Planning Permit plans
  2. Provide consent from the relevant Service Authority for any of the below non-Council assets near the proposed vehicle crossing:
    • Power/light pole
    • Telecommunication asset (pit, tower)
    • Fire hydrant
    • Gas main
    • Water mains/sewer
  3. Ensure the contractors doing the work have a minimum of $10 million public liability insurance covering the period of the works. A valid Certificate Of Currency must be supplied before a permit can be issued.

✔️ Apply for Vehicle Crossing permit online

Further Resources

  • pdf icon Guidelines - Vehicle Crossings (229.23kB)
  • pdf icon Vehicle Crossings General Specifications (100.83kB)
  • pdf icon Vehicle Crossings Drawings (647.85kB)



    Arterial Roads - VicRoads

    Step [1]   VicRoads Consent to work within the road reserve: Complete the application to obtain consent from VicRoads

    Step [2]   Request an inspection for works on an Arterial road: Once all of the required permits/exemptions have been obtained from VicRoads, complete the application and credit card form and send to customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au accompanied with the VicRoads documentation

    For more information read the Forms Online - FAQs and Protecting Council's Assets