Whitehorse City Council

Walking & Cycling

Walking and cycling get you where you need to go while keeping fit and enjoying the outdoors. Walking is the most popular form of recreational activity for Victorians, and provides environmental, health and social benefits. Cycling is a great way to keep fit, save money and get around without contributing to global warming.Father and son cycling

Whitehorse is blessed with some fantastic walking tracks and bike routes. Council’s pdf icon Walking and Wheeling Guide (2.77MB) highlights some of the wonderful parks and walking tracks within the municipality. The guide includes information on required levels of fitness, disability access, general facilities, and lists the location of some of the BMX tracks, mountain bike tracks, skate parks and playgrounds in Whitehorse.

Some of the most popular walking tracks and bike routes include:

  • The 1.6km walking path around the lake at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary - one of the largest bushland sites in the municipality. The sanctuary offers protective habitat for native animals and indigenous plants whin its 26 hectares. There are a number of informal bike routes in the surrounding areas.
  • The shared tracks for walkers and cyclists at Gardiners Creek Reserve in Burwood. The reserve offers visitors the choice of numerous tracks around the northern section of Gardiners Creek. If travelling close to the billabong, you are likely to see a multitude of open woodland and wetland birds including the Purple Swamphen and the Little Pied Cormorant.
  • The Eastlink Shared Trail in Mitcham boasts beautiful scenery and picturesque views. The old Mullum Mullum Creek Track joins the historic Schwerkolt Cottage and Yarran Dheran Reserve before diverting into the City of Manningham at the north-western corner of Yarran Dheran. The track crosses back to the City of Whitehorse near Quarry Road.
  • The Lookout Trail Park in Vermont South offers a 1.3km shared track for walkers and cyclists. There are great views of the beautiful landscape within the Dandenong Creek Valley and Dandenong Ranges. 

So grab what you need – whether it be walking boots, your bike, your wheelchair or your family, friends or dog – and discover Whitehorse's great outdoors.