Whitehorse City Council

Waste & Recycling

WasteAndRecyclingBinCollectionCouncil provides collections for rubbish, recycling, garden organics, hard waste and bundled branches, and operates the Recycling and Waste Centre.

In this section of the website, you'll find information about rubbish and recycling collection dates, graffiti removal, street cleaning, and disposing of electronic goods such as computers and mobile phones through recycling programs.

Waste Services
Rubbish collection information: when to put your bin out, what you can and can't put in it, what to do if your rubbish isn't picked up.

Recycling Services
Recycling collection information: when to put your bin out, what you can and can't put in it, what to do if your recycling isn't picked up.

Hard Waste Collection
Book two collections per year through Council's ring and book hard waste collection.

Garden Organics Service
Council's Garden Organics Services Program with the aim of reducing the amount of organic waste sent to landfill each year.

Whitehorse Recycling and Waste Centre 
Recycling and Waste Centre (tip) opening hours, costs and address details.

Electronic Waste
Recycling unwanted computers, mobile phones, batteries and light globes.

Keeping Whitehorse Clean
Graffiti removal information, street cleaning, Clean Up Australia Day.

Recycle Your Old Bikes
Bicycle recycling program.

Home Composting & Food Waste Avoidance Trial
Click on the link for more information about the trial.

Whitehorse Renew Collection and Drop Off Day
Recycle or drop off your unwanted electical or household goods.

Dumped Rubbish
Resources to assist real estate agents, landlords and owners' corporations with dumped rubbish problems at the properties under their management.

Household Chemical Collection
Dispose of household chemicals at drop-off collection.

Talking Rubbish Competition
Tell your waste-wise stories as part of the 'Talking Rubbish' Competition.