Whitehorse City Council

Waste & Recycling

Council provides a variety of waste (garbage, garden and recycle) collection services.

Online Services

Hard Waste and/or Bundled branch collection booking
Make an online booking with Council's contractor
What you need to know about Hard Waste collection
When is my bin collection day?

View the map then type your address in the search box.

Replace my bin
Repair my bin 
Report a missed recycling bin collection

Recycling collection trucks usually operate until about 2pm.

Report a missed garbage or garden organics bin collection

Garbage and garden organics collection trucks operate until the end of the day.

Request a New Bin

More about Bin Services and Charges 

Change or Swap my existing bin service

More about Bin Services and Charges  
Cancel an existing bin service

More about Bin Services and Charges 

What Size is My Bin?
How can we help you?
Collection Services Information

Information about all collection services including household chemical collections.

Renew Collection Information

Information about this annual kerbside collection service and drop off day.

Whitehorse Recycling and Waste Centre

Opening hours, costs and address details.

Keeping Whitehorse Clean

Graffiti removal information, street cleaning, Clean Up Australia Day and dumped rubbish.

Recycling Household Items

Recycling electronic waste, old bikes and other household items.