Whitehorse City Council

Water Conservation

SustainableGardeningWomanWateringCouncil has a number of water-saving intiatives and programs in place. Click on the links below for more information.

Greywater & Waste Water Systems
Information about recycling greywater and maintaining waste water systems.

Rainwater Tanks
By installing a rainwater tank, residents have access to an additional source of water and can make an important contribution towards reducing the demand that we make on dam storages.

Saving Water
Tips on saving water in the home and garden.

Showerhead Exchange Program
Swap your old water-wasting showerheads for new, efficient ones to help reduce water consumption. 

Water Restrictions
Information about Stage 1 water restrictions.

Waterwatch Program
Community program that monitors the health of waterways in the City of Whitehorse.