Whitehorse City Council

Waterwatch Program

Residents, schools and businesses can help keep local waterways clean and healthy by taking part in Council’s Healthy Waterways Waterwatch Program.  

The program is a free, fun and hands-on education program that supports the community to monitor and protect the health of rivers, creeks and lakes across Australia. Council, partnering with Melbourne Water, delivers the Waterwatch program in the City of Whitehorse – providing the community with an array of activities that increase awareness about their local waterways. 



Volunteer Monitoring

There are currently five water monitoring sights in Whitehorse and volunteers from local creekland and parkland advisory committees help to monitor water quality, conduct water bug surveys and assess habitats. Locations include Blackburn Lake, Fulton Creek, Koonung Creek, Bushy Creek and Gardiners Creek. 

Monitoring groups are provided with specialised training and receive ongoing support from their Waterwatch coordinator to develop and implement individual monitoring programs, which in turn help to identify what can be done at a local level to improve these waterways and connecting environments. 

Training is free and sessions are conducted regularly throughout the year.



Schools Program

Waterwatch provides resources and support for teachers wanting to involve their students in an education program or raise awareness of waterway health issues amongst primary, secondary and tertiary students. 

Waterwatch coordinators conduct a range of exciting activities in the classroom and local waterways to increase students’ knowledge and awareness of river health issues. School activities are aligned to the Victorian curriculum (VELS) and can be tailored.  

For more information on the Healthy Waterway Waterwatch Program, visit www.vic.waterwatch.org.au.

Schools, businesses, community group or residents wishing  to get involved with Waterwatch should contact Council’s Sustainability Officer.