Whitehorse City Council

Weed Climbers and Scramblers

The following plants are considered to be environmental weeds of Whitehorse. They are species that invade and thrive in our native bushland where they do not naturally occur. These weeds tend to dominate, threatening the natural balance of the remnant indigenous flora and fauna of Whitehorse.

Asparagus Ferns
Asparagus scandens/ Asparagus densiflorus
This multi-branched scrambling or climbing herb forms a dense underground mat of rhizomatous roots. The fern like branches are covered with small sharp spines. Small white-pink clusters of flowers are followed by fruit that ripen to bright red, orange or black.
Grows up to 60cm high
Flowers: Late summer
Seed set: Autumn

Rubus fruticosus spp.agg.
This scrambler is very thorny with large root crowns and long suckers. Stems are mostly arching and are green or red in color. White to pink flowers are followed by clusters of black berries.
Grows up to 2m high
Flowers: Spring to early summer
Seed set: Green, ripening to blackberries in late summer/autumn.



Blue Periwinkle
Vinca major
This spreading perennial ground cover has dense green foliage and small blue flowers. It establishes well in moist and damp areas such as wet gullies and creek banks. It forms dense mats suppressing most other plants.
Grows up to 50cm high.
Flowers: Most of the year
Seed set: Plants spreads rapidly by stems taking root wherever they touch the soil.

Blue Periwinkle


Bridal Veil Creeper, Smilax
Asparagus asparagoides
This scrambling or twining perennial has dense clusters of white, fleshy, tuberous roots. It has twisted, thin, wiry green stems with pointed leaves. Greenish-white flowers are followed by round red berries.
Grows up to 3m.
Flowers: Spring (inconspicuous)
Seed set: Red berries in summer. Also spreads vegetatively from corns in the soil.
Bridal Veil Creeper, Smilax

Galium aparine
This annual has creeping straggling stems which branch and grow along the ground and over other plants. They attach themselves with the small hooked hairs which grow out of stems and leaves making them feel sticky to touch. Clusters of white to greenish flowers are star-shaped. The small fruits are burrs covered with hooked hairs enabling them to cling to animal fur, aiding in seed dispersal.
Flowers: Spring to summer
Seed set: Summer

Common Vetch
Vicia sativa
This sprawling and climbing herb is a member of the pea family. It has hollow, four-sided stems. The flowers are bright pink-purple in color.
Grows up to 2m high.
Flowers: Spring
Seed set: Pods ripen late spring/summer
Common Vetch

English Ivy
Hedera helix
A widely planted ornamental, this species was unsuspectingly used to cover brick walls, sheds or was used as a ground cover beneath trees. It is extremely hardy and can survive in full-sun to shade. It is easily distinguished by its dark green lobed leaves. Without pruning control, it smothers everything, debilitates trees and sets large quantities of seed.
Flowers: Autumn/winter
Seed set: Winter. Plant also spreads by stems setting roots where they touch soil.

English Ivy

Japanese Honeysuckle
Lonicera japonica
This vigorous semi-deciduous climber has long, tough, wiry stems that twine clockwise, are purplish and hairy when young, and turn woody as they mature. Sweetly scented tubular white flowers turn yellow then follow by glossy black berries
Grows up to 8m high
Flowers: Late winter to summer
Seed set: soon after flowering
Japanese Honeysuckle

Morning Glory
Ipomoea indica
This is a high climbing vine with tough, hairy, twining, running stems. It has tough fibrous roots without rhizomes. Deep blue-purple flowers that are pink at the base can wither in the midday sun.
Flowers: Spring/summer
Seed set: Summer/autumn. Plant also spreads very rapidly from cuttings or broken pieces of stem that come into contact with the soil.
Morning Glory

Wandering Creeper
Tradescantia fluminensis
This is a trailing perennial groundcover with succulent, soft, creeping stems. It takes root at all nodes touching the ground. It has dark green, shiny, smooth and slightly fleshy leaves. White flowers can appear in small clusters.
Flowers: Sporadic throughout the year, although mainly in spring or summer
Seed set: Seeds not fertile, but plant spreads easily and rapidly from rootlets forming where leaves touch soil.

Wandering Creeper