Whitehorse City Council

Weeds of Whitehorse

The weeds listed under each of the links above are considered to be environmental weeds of Whitehorse. They are species that invade and thrive in our native bushland where they do not naturally occur. These weeds tend to dominate, threatening the natural balance of our bushland.

Within the City of Whitehorse, we are very fortunate to have some some pockets of bushland areas. However, these areas are under threat from weed invasion.

Many of the weeds of Whitehorse are ornamental plants that have ‘jumped the garden fence’ and gone wild. These plants were originally valued for their dramatic foliage, pretty flowers or colourful berries – but over time, their weedy habits have made them more trouble than they are worth.  It’s no accident that the weediest natural areas are those closest to urban settlements.

The information under each link above will help you to identify weedy plant species and find out ways you can get rid of them. Before removing trees, please check what permits you require by calling the Planning Department on 9262 6303.

Take a good look at what’s growing in your garden and in local areas around you - and don’t be fooled by good looks.  Even pretty plants can be problem weeds!