Whitehorse City Council

Where to buy indigenous plants?

The City of Whitehorse is fortunate to have three indigenous plant nurseries capable of producing a range of local flora. Only plants that can be successfully propagated from a local provenance flora source have been included in the database. Other indigenous plants excluded from this database naturally occurred in Whitehorse before European settlement but unfortunately can’t be propagated due to either a lack of local source (i.e. plant is extinct in area) or successful nursery propagation has proved elusive.

Purchasing Indigenous Plants

Residents are able to purchase local indigenous plants at the following community nurseries.

Bungalook Nursery
63-107 Fulton Road, Blackburn South
Open for plant sales every Friday from 10am–1pm.

Greenlink Nursery 
41 Wimmera Street, Box Hill North
Open for plant sales every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 12 noon (and occasional Saturdays).

Planners, developers and other commercial organisations should contact Councils ParksWide Department for assistance with plant sourcing.