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Whitehorse Planning Applications

Provided here in electronic form are different date versions of the list of planning applications, but do not include the applicant's name or address. The data ranges back to 2000 and includes both applications lodged and decisions made (where any). This information is only as accurate as the date last posted. 

Legislative Requirements

Council has taken into account the Information Privacy Act 2000, the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Subdivision Act 1988, in determining the contents of the planning applications list.

Please note that any information in the planning applications list is covered by the Commonwealth Privacy Act and/or the Victorian Information Privacy Act in relation to the collection and handling of information.

It is a requirement under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 that Council provide a planning applications register in the prescribed format. This is kept in hard copy format only, and is only available for viewing.

For further information, contact Council's Planning Department by calling 9262 6303 or email to planning.enquiry@whitehorse.vic.gov.au. To view the Whitehorse Planning Register or an active planning permit application, visit the planning counter of the Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379-397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.


These pages must not be used for any other purposes, nor given to a third party or used for direct marketing facilitation.

Please note: all planning applications that have been decided on are not stored in the Planning Department. A request will be made by planning staff to Council’s Corporate Information Department to deliver the file(s), and the enquirer will be contacted to inform them when the file becomes available for viewing. 

If there is a request to copy information, there is an application form to request copies of planning permits and endorsed plans that can be accessed by going to the Forms/Planning section of the Council website. There is a fee for this, payable upon request.

Planning Application Lists

This report is posted monthly and only shows the previous month's lodged applications.

This report is posted monthly and shows all lodged applications for the calendar year to date.

These reports are posted monthly and show all lodged applications in previous years.