Whitehorse City Council

Whitehorse Scholarship Program

Are you a recent Year 12 graduate or a non-school leaver/mature age student about to start your first year of study at Box Hill Institute of TAFE or Deakin University? Have you considered applying for a scholarship that would help you cover your first year course fees? Whitehorse City Council finances two $4500 scholarships for a first year student from Box Hill Institute of TAFE and Deakin University (Melbourne Campus at Burwood).

The City of Whitehorse Scholarship Program is designed to offer financial assistance to first year students who live in the City of Whitehorse and who are undertaking full-time study in any certificate, diploma or advanced diploma course at Box Hill Institute or undergraduate degree at Deakin University.

Scholarship selection is based on academic achievements and community participation. The scholarship program was established in 2000 to continue the trend of having a higher than average number of people with higher education qualifications living in the municipality. 

The scholarship program also seeks to reward and recognise people who contribute to the local community – whether this is through volunteering; being involved in a local sports club or community group; or working on a project that helps the environment.

The scholarship amount can go towards academic fees, prescribed texts and material for the first year of study. With a reduced financial burden, recipients of the $4500 scholarships are better able to focus on their studies. In addition, recipients often find that the scholarship helps them stand out from the crowd, providing increased career opportunities and recognition from potential employers.  

To be eligible to apply for the City of Whitehorse Scholarship, applicants must:

  • be a student entering their first year of study (recent Year 12 graduates and non-school leavers/mature age students are all eligible)
  • demonstrate a high level of academic achievement
  • meet financial need criteria (contact the relevant higher education provider for more information)
  • demonstrate involvement in and/or contribution to the local community (sporting clubs or community group, volunteering, environmental projects etc.)
  • be a permanent Australian resident who has lived in the City of Whitehorse for a minimum of three years.

Applications for the City of Whitehorse Scholarship must be made through Box Hill Institute of TAFE or Deakin University respectively. 

Box Hill Institute of TAFE City of Whitehorse Scholarship

Application forms for the Box Hill Institute City of Whitehorse Scholarship can be downloaded from the Box Hill Institute website or obtained by contacting the Scholarship Office on 9286 9499.

All applicants must apply for their chosen course through VTAC or directly to Box Hill Institute, as specified in the course information on the website. 

Deakin University City of Whitehorse Scholarship

Applicants for the Deakin University City of Whitehorse Scholarship can apply using the Deakin University Applicant Portal.

For further information on the Deakin University City of Whitehorse Scholarship, contact the Deakin University Scholarships Office on phone 5227 2546 or email scholarships@deakin.edu.au

Whitehorse City Council does not receive applications directly. Applications can only be made through Box Hill Institute of TAFE or Deakin University at the contact details shown above.

For general information about the City of Whitehorse Scholarship Program, contact Whitehorse City Council’s Community Development Department on 9262 6334.

Click on the following link for this information in brochure format: pdf icon City of Whitehorse Scholarship Program (767.25kB).