Whitehorse City Council

Whitehorse Sport & Recreation Network

The Whitehorse Sport and Recreation Network provides Council with advice and guidance on the future of sport and recreation development within the City of Whitehorse.

The network is made up of Council officers from the Parks Planning and Recreation Unit and a maximum of 10 community representatives who are appointed for a two-year term.

Membership is open to individuals participating in sporting and recreation clubs or associations operating within the Whitehorse municipality.

Over the last few years the network has played a key role in assessing nominations for the Whitehorse Sports Awards, contributed to the Allsports Newsletter, and has provided guidance and support to Council officers in relation to the Recreation Strategy Plan.

The network has developed a guide for the recruitment and retention of volunteers in sporting and recreation clubs (click on link below to download).   

pdf icon Whitehorse Sport and Recreation Network Terms Of Reference 2017 (93.84kB)
pdf icon Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Guide for Sport and Recreation Clubs (1.16MB)

Member Email
Chris Brown chris.brown@manningham.vic.gov.au 
Annette Hawkins ralphy_50@hotmail.com
Mark Lane mark.lane.aus@gmail.com 
Kate Yeowart kate.yeowart@strataequity.com.au 
Wayne Andrew wayne.andrew@optus.com.au 
Chris Heysen cheysen@bigpond.net.au 
Liz Upton uptondande@bigpond.com  
James Sprott james@crsurvey.com.au 
Enrico Marrone admin@embuildingdesign.com.au 
Alison Dunn generalmanager@easterngymnastics.com.au 

For enquiries contact the Project Officer Parks Planning and Recreation on 9262 6106.


AllSports Newsletter

AllSports is Council's quarterly newsletter that goes out to sporting clubs in the City of Whitehorse. 

Clubs are encouraged to submit stories and photographs and can email them to ard.admin@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or send them to:

Parks Planning and Recreation
Whitehorse City Council
Locked Bag 2
Nunawading Delivery Centre VIC 3110

As this publication is quarterly, clubs are encouraged to send achievements and personal stories about players rather than competition results, to ensure that all information printed remains current. The editor has the final say on what will be included in each publication.

For enquiries contact the Project Officer Parks Planning and Recreation on 9262 6106.