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Whitehorse Sustainability Awards

The annual Whitehorse Sustainability Awards recognise and celebrate individuals, schools, businesses and community groups within the Whitehorse community for their efforts in leading and promoting sustainable lifestyles.
The Whitehorse Sustainability Awards 2016 are now complete – congratulations to all of the winners who showed how environmentally, socially and economically sustainable they are in their everyday lives. For more information about the awards please contact Council’s Sustainability Team on 9262 6333 or email us at green@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

2016 Whitehorse Sustainability Award Winners

The winners for the 2016 Sustainability Awards were:

Indigenous Gardens Award

Winner – Community

Bushcare Group, Mount Pleasant Road Primary School, Nunawading

Mount Pleasant Road Primary School have created a well-planned, entirely student-built indigenous garden that in addition to increasing biodiversity in the area, protecting remnant vegetation and rehabilitating the natural values of Nunawading, also educates the students about the impact of European settlement on our native flora and fauna.

Winner – Residential

Helen and Lynton Reid
Helen and Lynton Reid have created an indigenous garden with a focus on attracting native birds to their backyard. They have planted a variety of native Australian flora and rely on natural pest management methods, composting, recycling plant matter for mulch, solar hot water and rain water tanks for sustainability.

Winner - Food Garden Award 

Isabelle Cousineau
Isabelle Cousineau has planted a wide variety of fruit, herbs and vegetables in reused, raised beds and hanging baskets. She has a worm farm, composts all of her scraps, collects rain water to maintain the garden, and uses natural alternatives to pesticides. Isabelle shares her harvest with family and the local community.

Highly Commended

Serena Murong

Winner - Sustainable Preschool Award

Pope Road Kindergarten
Pope Road Kindergarten aims to educate children on sustainability through recycling, composting, rain water collection and water conservation, vegetable gardening, and promoting rubbish free lunches and sustainable transport. Family members and staff are also involved through newsletters, donations of reusable materials and building facilities during working bees.

Highly Commended
Wattle Hill Kindergarten

Winner - Sustainable School Award

Blackburn Primary School
Blackburn Primary School has a commitment to sustainability that they have demonstrated through the use of vegetable gardening, composting and recycling, and the appointment of sustainability captains to supervise activities. The school is invested in teaching permaculture, the principles of biodiversity and the role that they have in everyday life.

Winner - Sustainable Business and Innovation Award

Maton Guitars Pty Ltd
Maton Guitars have invested in a European precision made, multi-blade frame saw, which has increased their timber yield by 60%, reduced waste management cost by 50% per guitar, and saved 20% of production energy per guitar. They locally source all of their timber and engage with local schools, woodworkers and artists to reuse their waste products.

Winner - Sustainable Community Leadership Award

Eastern Climate Action Melbourne Inc. (ECAM)
ECAM provide community awareness and education on the effects of climate change through their ‘Safe Climate Now!’ program. They achieve this by holding forums, information nights, walk and talks and other events in the Whitehorse community, and are dedicated to improving their own carbon footprint and sustainable behaviour.

Encouragement Award

Green and Clean Car Wash – Stormwater Pollution Educational Awareness Campaign

Mayor’s Choice Award

Pope Road Kindergarten

Overall Sustainability Award Winner

Maton Guitars Pty Ltd

For more information on the Whitehorse Sustainability Awards, contact Council’s Sustainability Team on 9262 6333 or email green@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

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