Whitehorse City Council

Women's Forums

Council holds two annual women’s forums. The forums will provide attendees with opportunities to hear women guest speakers on current issues or to workshop issues of relevance to women in the Whitehorse community.

The next Whitehorse Women’s Forum will focus on inspirational stories from women who have overcome addiction. The forum will include a special “Three Sides of the Coin” theatrical presentation with women enacting their own stories of the impact of gambling on their lives.  

Date: Tuesday 2 October
Time: 6.30pm to 9pm
Venue: The Waratah Room in the Whitehorse Centre,
Rear of 397 Whitehorse Road Nunawading 
Tickets: $10 - includes a two course meal
Bookings are essential

For more information, contact the Whitehorse Centre on 9262 6555.

Recovery from an addiction is a complicated process involving physical, mental, and emotional factors. It is hard to understand why someone is willing to put their addiction ahead of friends, family, responsibilities and physical health.   

Addiction involves use of substances or any behaviour that becomes a priority over everything else in a person’s life, such as gambling, drugs, alcohol, gaming, exercise or eating.   

Specialist  treatment services are available and can include intake, counselling, withdrawal, rehabilitation and other support services.