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Youth Services

Council’s Youth Services Unit provides a broad range of programs and support services to young people aged 12-25 and their families in the City of Whitehorse. The services aim to empower all young people in the City of Whitehorse to make a healthy and safe transition into adulthood in a community where they are valued and respected.

Young people, families and youth services professionals in Whitehorse can access the following services, programs and resources.

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Information for Parents

Services for Young People

School Focussed Youth Services


Professional Networks



School Holiday Activities

Youth Connexions are running a range of free activities for young people aged 12-25 over the school holidays. No bookings required.

See pdf icon flyer for details (3.04MB) or contact Amy McDonald on 9898 9340 or amy.mcdonald@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

Information for Parents

For specific resources and support options for parents, please visit the Parenting Information Resources page.

Services for Young People

  Youth Connexions Logo

Youth ConneXions

Youth ConneXions is Council's youth information, support and referral centre based at Centre Box Hill shopping centre. The centre offers a comfortable and supportive environment for young people aged 12-25 to find information and seek assistance on a range of issues. Services are free and include:

  • Available: Computers, internet, Wi-Fi, phone, fax and photocopier, table tennis, pool table, games and space to relax, hot and cold drinks, musical instruments and recording facilities, friendly youth workers to chat to, general personal support, information and advice on youth issues, referrals to a range of services including accommodation, health and wellbeing, drug and alcohol counselling, legal and financial support.
  • Resume Writing: Youth ConneXions is running a new program for resume writing. From 1pm- 5pm Monday to Friday (by appointment) you can book in for one-on-one assistance. You can bring in your current resume to be updated or start from scratch using a template from Youth ConneXions. We have heaps of resume tips and can also help with online applications. To book an appointment, call Amy on 9898 9340 or email amy.mcdonald@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.


Youth Connexions
Suite 2, Level 1, Box Hill Central, Box Hill

  • Enter from the mall and take the lift up next to Platform 3 restaurant.
  • The centre is open from 1pm-5pm each weekday. No appointment necessary, just drop in.


Phone: 9898 9340
Email: youth.worker@whitehorse.vic.gov.au  
Facebook - Find us online - 72





Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee (WYRC) 2017

Currently Recruiting Members! Enquiries welcome.

The Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee (WYRC) is a group of 12 young volunteers aged 12-25 years who advocate on behalf of all young people in the municipality to Council and to the wider community on important youth issues. The WYRC are young leaders who are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of young people in Whitehorse. The WYRC and its members are highly valued by Council and is viewed as a really important tool for bridging the gap between young people and local government.

WYRC group photoThe members of WYRC are given an opportunity to further develop their skills and experience in areas such as leadership, consultation, advocacy, public speaking and community participation.

Get Involved

Recruitment for positions within the committee will take place from early December through to early February. If you are interested you can contact Jacqueline Piper on 9898 9340 or jacqueline.piper@whitehorse.vic.gov.au to arrange an interview time.


Flying Pig Events Logo

FReeZA Events Team (Flying Pig Events) 2018

Currently Recruiting Members! Enquiries welcome.

Whitehorse Youth Services is calling for young people (12-25) who have an interest in Event Management in the areas of Music, Arts and Culture.

This will be a fun and exciting group that will meet fortnightly to organise awesome music and cultural events over 2018.

freeza group photo

Training is provided in Event Management and associated areas to improve their skills and knowledge and will gain fantastic experience in a number of fields.

Get Involved

For more information or to register your interest call Jacqueline on 9898 9340 or email jacqueline.piper@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

Cruzin Study Homework Support Program

The Cruzin Study Homework Support Program provides free homework support to young people aged 12 -25 years and is based at the Box Hill Library on Thursdays throughout the school term from 4.00pm–6.00pm. Tutors are provided to assist young people with a diverse selection of subjects including: English, history, maths, science and literature. The program also provides free wifi, printing, copying, computers and refreshments.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding subjects or would simply like to know more about Cruzin’ Study, please contact Jacqueline Piper on 9898 9340 or email jacqueline.piper@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

Whitehorse School Focused Youth Service

Council’s School Focused Youth Service (SFYS) helps build partnership between local schools and community organisations to support young people aged 10-18 years who are attending school, but are vulnerable to or showing signs of disengagement from school. The objective of SFYS is to ensure young people remain connected to education. SFYS works with young people across government, Catholic and independent schools in the City of Whitehorse. School disengagement has significant impacts on the health, wellbeing, future employment opportunities and trajectory of a young person’s life. SFYS plays a critical role in addressing school disengagement and helping young people to reach their potential.

Contact Details

For further details about Whitehorse SFYS please contact:

Emma Foley, Whitehorse SFYS Coordinator
Phone: 9262 6374
Mobile: 0407 157 909
Email: emma.foley@whitehorse.vic.gov.au


Support and Information for Parents

For specific resources and support options for parents, please visit the Parenting Information Resources page.

Youth Information Card

This card provides a list of emergency numbers for young people, as well as discounts for food and entertainment, all in a handy wallet size. Cards are distributed to every secondary school student in Whitehorse, as well as through Youth ConneXions and other local youth agencies.

Whitehorse Youth Directory

This booklet provides a comprehensive list of youth-related services in the municipality. The booklet features services such as housing, support, mental health and disability. It is free to come and collect at Youth ConneXions or you can download:

Youth Noticeboard

Located in the Box Hill Mall, the two-sided youth noticeboard highlights services and programs that assist young people, as well as providing information about activities and events for young people. Information for the noticeboard can be left at Youth Connexions.

Professional Networks

Whitehorse Youth Issues Network

The Whitehorse Youth Issues Network is a chance for professionals in the area to come together and network with other services and programs.

Meetings are held bi-monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at Youth ConneXions (Suite 2, Level 1, Box Hill Centro South, Box Hill 3128) from 10.30 to 12pm. At each meeting a guest speaker presents on a service or program that may benefit young people within Whitehorse

Alongside the bi-monthly meetings, there is also an email distribution list. This allows services to pass on information to other Youth Issues Network members. To become a part of the email list, or a member of the Youth Issues Network, please call Jules at Youth ConneXions on 9898 9340 or email jules.piccinin@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

The Youth Issues Network also has a pool of funding available to be accessed by members. Refer to the funding section below for more information.

Q-East Alliance

The Q-East Alliance is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of same sex attracted and gender diverse (SSAGD) young people in the eastern region. Consisting of community development and youth workers, the Q-East Alliance provides resources for professionals working with SSAGD young people.


Young Person of the Month

Council’s Young Person of the Month Award celebrates the efforts and achievements of young people that have shone in fields such as arts, culture, sport, music, learning, music, drama or community participation.

Check out the New Youth of the Month Flyer!

For a nomination form or more information, visit the Young Person of the Month Award page.


Whitehorse Education Assistance Grant

The Whitehorse Education Assistance Grant program supports families experiencing financial hardship and their young people (aged 10 – 25) to remain engaged in education and training. Under the model, community agencies and education / training providers apply for funding to reimburse expenses incurred to support a young person in education and training. Parents or students are unable to apply directly.

Funding packages of up to $500 are available per calendar year to eligible students.

The grants can cover

  • Compulsory fees for training and short courses
  • Compulsory textbooks, materials, resources, equipment and uniforms not covered by other assistance schemes
  • School camps and excursions not covered by other assistance schemes
  • IT equipment


  • The grants are open to students aged 10-25 who are enrolled in school, further education, training or courses, who live or study in Whitehorse.
  • The student must be experiencing financial hardship, evidenced by a low-income health care card (held by either the young person or their parents), which should be verified by the school or community agency applying on their behalf.
  • The maximum grant is $500 per student, and each applicant (school or community agency) can apply for a maximum of $2000 per year.

Download the flyer or application form

For more information please contact Emma Foley, School Focused Youth Services Coordinator on 9262 6374 or emma.foley@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

Youth Issues Network Funding

The Youth Issues Network (YIN) also has a pool of funding available to be accessed by members. Programs are funded up to a maximum of $1500 and application forms can be downloaded below.

To be eligible for the funding your submission must meet the following criteria:

  • The project/program will aim to be an initiative to address unmet needs of young people/services.
  • The project/program should aim to improve or enhance the lives of young people in the City of Whitehorse.
  • Applicants must be a member of the YIN.
  • Preference is given to joint projects/programs.
  • Projects/programs should maximise resources by funding projects/programs or services that do not duplicate or overlap with existing services.
  • Wages of YIN member agencies are not funded by the Grant Funding Program; however, funding is available for consultants/sessional trainers where those skills cannot be accessed within the network member agencies.

For any further information on the funding available please call Jules at Youth ConneXions on 9898 9340 or email jules.piccinin@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.