Whitehorse City Council

Bike Courses

Learn from the best!

Council offers a range of bicycle skills courses for Whitehorse residents to improve your riding skills and gain confidence.

Here’s a description of the courses for adults that we regularly run. At this stage, we don’t have any scheduled in over winter but we’ll plan to run more in Spring 2018.

Novice Course for Adults

This course runs for 2.5 hours and is perfect for those who lack confidence on a bike, who are relatively new to riding or haven't ridden in many years. This course covers the correct riding technique and essential bike handling skills. It is conducted in a traffic-free area.

Intermediate Course for Adults

This course aims to build confidence when riding on paths and roads. Participants will learn about safety, road rules and practical techniques for riding safely on the road. The first part of this course is run in a traffic-free area, followed by an on-road ride in the local area.

All courses are run by AustCycle accredited instructors from Bikes@Work.

For more information about these courses or to register your interest, please contact Chris Hui on chris.hui@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or 9262 6134.