Whitehorse City Council

Megamile West and Blackburn Activity Centres

The MegaMile was designated as a Major Activity Centre (MAC) under the state government’s Melbourne 2030 strategy. Blackburn has been designated as a Neighbourhood Activity Centre (NAC).

For the purposes of strategic planning, the MegaMile has been split into east and west. MegaMile (West) and Blackburn form the study area of this Urban Design Framework. Strategic work for MegaMile (East) has been undertaken and adopted by Council, via the Nunawading/Mitcham Structure Plan.

The Urban Design Framework is a tool to be used by Council to guide the future growth of the study area for the next 15 years in a sustainable manner that reflects the community’s needs, values and aspirations. 

August 2010 Update

At its meeting on 26 July 2010, Council adopted the MegaMile (west) and Blackburn Activity Centres Urban Design Framework. The urban design framework was finalised after review of community feedback received during the display of the draft framework in May/June 2010.

pdf icon  Adopted Urban Design Framework (3.58MB)


The Urban Design Framework contains a vision for both the MegaMile (west) Major Activity Centre and the Blackburn NAC which outlines the future role of both centres and reinforces the direction for the centres moving forward. The vision for MegaMile (west) and Blackburn are as follows:

MegaMile (West)
The MegaMile (West) Major Activity Centre (MAC) will strengthen its regional role as a bulky goods retailing destination with consolidation of bulky goods retailing along Whitehorse Road, linking with the MegaMile (East). Small offices, generally at upper levels, will locate along Whitehorse Road as a secondary activity focus.

The consistent streetscape and design themes developed for MegaMile (East) will be extended and applied to MegaMile (West).

Access and movement within the centre will recognise the nature of bulky goods retailing with its reliance in part on private vehicle access. Improvements to the pedestrian environment and consolidation of car parking areas will increase pedestrian activity throughout the MegaMile and encourage more sustainable transport options. 

The Blackburn Neighbourhood Activity Centre will strengthen its role as an urban village focused around the Blackburn Railway Station as a high quality transport hub.

The Blackburn Station Village will remain as the heart of the area, with its strong sense of place and identity as a local shopping centre and community meeting place.

This will be complemented by a mix of retail, office, community and higher density residential uses adding to its vibrancy and activity. Improvements to connections between the north and south sides of the railway line and northern parts of Whitehorse Road, and surrounding residential areas will promote walking and cycling to and within the activity centre.

Public Exhibition
The draft framework was on public exhibition for four weeks, from Monday 17 May to Friday 11 June 2010.

The exhibition consisted of:

  • An information bulletin which included feedback questions
  • General display of the Draft UDF at Council service centres, Nunawading and Blackburn libraries, the Nunawading Recreation Centre and on Council’s website
  • Four consecutive notices in the Whitehorse Leader newspaper, for the duration of the exhibition period, and an article in the Whitehorse News April edition.
  • Public display session of the Draft Urban Design Framework on the morning of Saturday 5 June 2010 in the Blackburn Village, including a sausage sizzle provided by the Blackburn North Lions Club. 

Community Bulletins
pdf icon Community Bulletin Number 1 (263.82kB)
pdf icon Community Bulletin Number 2 (227.94kB)
pdf icon Community Bulletin Number 3 (1.68MB)

Community Feedback
pdf icon
 Feedback from workshop held 1 September 2009 (128.96kB)
xls icon  MegaMile Blackburn UDF Submission Response (327.00kB)

To find out more about the project, phone Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on 9262 6180 or email megamile_blackburn@whitehorse.vic.gov.au