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2019 Shortlisted Projects

Shortlisted Projects

The following projects have been shortlisted in the City of Whitehorse Built Environment Awards 2019.

 CNC Construction New House, Nunawading

This three storey contemporary home is a response to creative thinking around how to provide a generous family home on a small piece of subdivided land in an established neighbourhood.

The triangular land with a significant easement influenced the building form and small footprint.  To sit comfortably in the streetscape the front 2.5 story façade was designed to give the impression of a two storey appearance.  

Along with responding to the site and wider streetscape, a key objective was to design and build the project using standard construction methods for a cost effective build price while using clever design to create a high end architectural feel.


Maxa Design Renovation, Mitcham

This project is a great example of doing more with less. The decision was made to retain the original house and upgrade it to provide more comfortable and functional spaces.
 The project brief was to take the existing building and mirror the ground floor footprint to improve the functionality and character of the home.

With careful consideration of budget, the design met the client’s requirements for a home that provides for the families lifestyle, and into which they can welcome visiting family and friends. The design provides a view to the surrounding bushland. The local bush environment context was an important part of the design and material selection.


DE Atelier New House, Surrey Hills

This project, known as the Hidden House is an exemplar infill development in the middle suburbs. The surrounding context required clever design thinking to provide privacy while taking advantage of the expansive views over the garden and creating a spacious and light home.

The project scope was to provide a long-term family home that provided for the current needs of the young family and adapting with them as they evolve and grow. The house and landscape are well integrated with the architectural and landscape team working collaboratively to deliver a home that included the landscape as an important part of the whole project.


Detail 9 Architects Renovation, Surrey Hills

This project evolved from a shared passion of preserving the history of the house while creating a home for contemporary living. The client brief was to restore the original front section of the home and to replace the outdated rear extension with a contemporary addition to better suit raising their family. Being the childhood home of one of the owners there was a rich history that needed to be understood and appreciated.

Part of respecting the original building was the decision to retain original period features, reusing and recycling materials and referencing the buildings former use as a school house by including a beautifully detailed library.


McLauchlan Building Designer Renovation, Blackburn


McLauchlan Building Designer Renovation, Blackburn

The client brief for this project was to take the original 1920-30’s Tudor style house and provide for dual, independent living environments for multiple generations of the family. The design achieves the essential criteria in subtle, yet practical ways.

The dual living arrangement is balanced and functional and the addition to the original home blends aesthetically into the treed backdrop, making negligible impact on the surrounding streetscape. The homes interior has kept faith with the existing style while allowing all of the occupants to add their own touches in sync with the theme.


Gruen Eco Design Renovation, Blackburn


Gruen Eco Design Renovation, Blackburn

The client brief was to bring the cottage into the current times, make the space functional for the growing family, protect the heritage value and use sustainable features and design principles. Connecting the home to the garden and views beyond was also an important consideration.

Located in leafy Blackburn, the project is a clever example of a heritage listed two bedroom cottage being transformed into a highly energy efficient family house.
Featuring sustainable and energy efficient qualities and a double story extension, the house is now a functional home for a young family of four.


InBetween Architecture Townhouses, Box Hill

InBetween Architecture Townhouses, Box Hill

This project challenges the typical model of suburban townhouse development and shows that increased density and contemporary living can be achieved without compromise to the existing local neighbourhood character.

The design draws heavily on the established streetscape character and despite being overtly contemporary, the building sits comfortably in its context. Clever site planning allows for substantial open space and an engaging back yard that is well integrated with the indoor living space. This project, through its thoughtful design and environmental considerations, provides for contemporary living and increased density without the sacrifice of amenity or disruption to the streetscape.

Desyne Developments Astrina Apartments, Box Hill

Desyne Developments Apartments, Box Hill

This apartment building overlooking the Box Hill Gardens and was conceived by an owner developer / architect couple, both who grew up in Whitehorse. This set up, allowed them to have control over the vision and every design decision.

An important design consideration was to ensure that as many of the apartments had good access to natural light and views over the Park. Two generous and functional open space areas contribute to the quality of living for residents, a Tai Chi Garden and communal roof garden. A conscious decision was made to find the right balance between commerciality and creating highly livable apartments. The primary question that drove the overall design philosophy and influenced decision making was “Would we enjoy living in Astrina?”

Bellbird Sports & Spinal, Blackburn South

This project was custom built by the business owners after many years’ experience in the allied healthcare industry and their local knowledge having grown up in Whitehorse. A close collaboration with the architect has resulted in a bespoke building that makes a positive contribution to the streetscape and practically facilitates better care for their clients. The contemporary design is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Careful consideration was given to the form and siting of the building, material selection and landscaping to ensure it did not dominate the surrounds, especially the residential interfaces.


BlueCross Aged Care, Box Hill

BlueCross Aged Care, Box Hill

This large redevelopment of a much smaller aged care residence is a purpose built project that will cater for Australia’s aging population with innovative design that meets clinical and functional requirements.

A key feature of the project is the importance given to the outdoor recreation areas and access to fresh air, daylight and connection to the garden. Access to nature is hugely important to general happiness, wellbeing and health for residents and staff.  The landscape design was carefully planned to coexist with the local streetscape.

Overall the facility enables residents to feel secure, maintain an enjoyable lifestyle, make personal choices, create social connections and be supported through a purposeful and active ageing process.