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Whitehorse City Council Closures and Re-openings

Whitehorse City Council Closures and Re-openings

Latest on easing of restrictions

Coronavirus CTA Resources for Business

COVID-19 Support for Businesses

Information, links and support services to assist your business to plan and respond during the COVID–19 pandemic.

Coronavirus Relief and Support

Relief and Support Package

Council has committed to an immediate relief and support package worth $2 million, and work is underway to develop a further recovery and stimulus package.

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Extension to Tree Controls

The Minister of Planning has approved the extension of the Significant Landscape Overlay Schedule 9 (SLO9) tree controls until 31 December 2020. Tree controls for SLO9 areas are still in place while an Amendment is being considered.

Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision

Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision

Imagine Whitehorse in 20 years’ time.

What do you hope our community will be like?
What do we need to prioritise to get there?

You are invited to help develop the Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision.

Find out about your property in Whitehorse

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