Whitehorse Local Heroes Program

The Whitehorse Local Heroes program recognises and celebrates the outstanding, local volunteering efforts that were undertaken by individuals and groups during 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, making a positive contribution to the well-being of the Whitehorse community.

Council congratulates the following Whitehorse Local Heroes

Outstanding volunteer service, leadership or initiative

Name Details
David Winter For his coordination of 50 local volunteers who have cooked and delivered over 2500 meals to vulnerable members of the community during the pandemic. This effort has significantly contributed to the health and wellbeing of meal recipients and the volunteers.
Patrick O’Sullivan For his commitment to the health and wellbeing of younger members of the community. Due to the pandemic pools were closed, Patrick was no longer employed as a casual swimming coach. Patrick developed a range of online coaching and fitness programs which assisted the young people to remain engaged. 
Genevieve Hughes For her contributions as moderator of the “Adopt a Health Care Worker” program. This program provides a platform for members of the local community to help out Health Care Workers during the pandemic. Genevieve has cooked meals for shift workers and ferried staff who park near her home to Box Hill Hospital.
Jocelyn Winton Hall For her generosity and good-will. In response to the pandemic and the ongoing need for masks, Jocelyn hand-made and donated over 400 three-layer masks to Whitehorse residents and a further 500 masks were made and donated to a range of hospitals based in Victoria and New York City, USA.
Gurdwara Sahib, Blackburn Is recognised for their outstanding efforts to ensure food security for members of the Whitehorse community. This wonderful program commenced in March 2020, immediately after the initial lockdown was announced and continues to provide hundreds of meals to International Students, Frontline Workers, or any needy person requiring cooked food, each week. 

Demonstrating Community Spirit

Name Details
Shannon Clarke For her dedication and support towards the implementation of an online coaching program for local competitive swimmers when they were unable to train during lockdown.
Isobel Leaman For regularly checking-in on her neighbours during lockdown, delivering baked goods and offering words of encouragement in order to lift the spirits of many young people that were trying to tackle the challenges of remote learning, along with their families.
Brian Foley For overcoming many challenges brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing to play a key, voluntary role as President of the Bennettswood Neighbourhood House. Brian’s dedication and commitment provided much needed stability during the difficult lockdown period.

What Is Considered Volunteering?

Volunteering Victoria defines volunteering as ‘time willingly given for the common good without financial gain”.  The Whitehorse Local Heroes Program recognises both formal and informal volunteering arrangements.

Formal Volunteering occurs where a person makes a formal commitment to an organisation or group to undertake volunteering, this may relate to the hours of service, the role or duties to be undertaken. Groups in the Local Heroes Program can be an organisation.

Informal Volunteering occurs where individuals or group respond to a recognised need in the community with the intent of helping others, however these actions are not connected to an organisation or formal agreement. 

All community members are welcome to nominate an individual or group of people from the City of Whitehorse for recognition of their volunteering efforts.

All Enquiries

Whitehorse City Council Community Development Department on 0408 121 127 or email maureen.darcy@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

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