Sportlink Redevelopment

Project updates

January 2023

We recently laid the asphalt on the outdoor courts. Completing the court surface is the final big step in the construction process, so this brings us very close to completion.

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quieter than usual on the outdoor courts – that’s because the asphalt takes 21 days to cure before the acrylic flooring can be laid on top. In the meantime, the site remains abuzz with activity as the finishing touches are being made. These include works on the carpark near the entry, putting up the basketball rings and installing skylights and cladding.

While the outdoor courts are still unavailable for use while the surface is being prepared, you can still use the indoor courts and multipurpose rooms.

We have experienced unpredictable weather over the past couple of months, which has caused some construction delays. However, we are optimistic that the outdoor courts will be completed by the end of February with the official opening of the Sportlink redevelopment site taking place in March.

We thank you for your patience throughout this process and look forward to seeing you enjoy this revamped space.

About the Project

The Sportlink redevelopment includes the construction of a roof over the outside courts that will transform the appearance and usage of the stadium’s outdoor area. This will allow the outside courts to be played in all weather and now, in addition, include basketball to be played on two of the outdoor courts.

There will also be the following additional features provided to the outdoor courts:

  • an upgraded acrylic court surface providing better traction;
  • a new roof over the outdoor courts will also extend over the existing spectator seating area to provide added shelter;
  • new and improved lighting.

Increasing the number of covered courts will also allow for extended hours of play, improving the ability for associations and clubs to manage competitions, as inclement weather will no longer impact matches and ensure improved comfort for players.

Environmental benefits include 300 solar panels on the new roof over the outdoor courts (100kW system), upgrades and additional water tanks for rainwater harvesting.   

Sportlink is a heavily-utilised facility and these upgrades will increase the usable hours of the outdoor courts and enhance player and spectator experience.

Key features

As part of the $8.6m redevelopment, the stadium will include:

  • a new roof over the outdoor courts
  • upgraded court surfaces
  • LED lighting
  • basketball rings and associated line-marking on two of the outdoor courts
  • improved drainage
  • sealing of the gravel car park adjacent to Livingstone Primary School
  • landscaping works
  • solar panels
  • fire services upgrades inside the facility

The outdoor courts will become a multi-use facility, accommodating for netball on all four courts and basketball on two of the courts. With an improved surface that has no impeding infrastructure between playing areas, the space can be opened up to accommodate a range of open space events and activities, including roller sports activities. 

This will enable the programming of additional and increased use of the courts and provide for the growing number of basketballers and skaters in the community.

Improvements to the stadium will bring numerous benefits, including to the Whitehorse Netball Association which runs a number of competitions with more than 200 teams playing at Sportlink each week. 

The outdoor courts will be constructed to industry standards and include hardwearing finishes appropriate to the sports played to  a design approved by Netball Victoria.

The redevelopment of Sportlink supports Council’s Recreation Strategy 2015-2024 and Whitehorse Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2015.

Project timeline and works information

Works have now commenced and are scheduled to finish end 2022.

During the program of works there will be staged temporary closures to the outdoor courts and parts of the car park.

Access to pathways and parking within the Sportlink precinct will change as work progresses.

Information about closures will be promoted on the Council project webpage and signage will be displayed on site.


The project is being jointly funded by Whitehorse City Council, which has allocated $8.6m inclusive of the funding amount of $1.5m from the Commonwealth Government’s Community Development Grants program.