20-minute neighbourhoods

Whitehorse News - September 2021

Have you ever thought about the concept ofa 20-minute neighbourhood?

20-minute neighbourhoods are a strategic planning approach to creating resilient, sustainable, vibrant communities.

The concept centres around ‘living locally’ – allowing residents to meet most of their daily needs within 800 metres or a 20 minute return walk from home.

These connected and walkable places are where people can live, work and play; buy their groceries, work from home or local business, access services and meet their neighbours at the central gathering places.

Whitehorse is fortunate to be peppered with many walkable precincts, native parkland and community hubs. Most are linked by green cycle trails and a quality public transport system.

As we all hope to leave our homes more after a winter hibernation (and lock-downs), check out your own 20 minute neighbourhood.

Your shopping decisions count. Think local and buy local to support the local traders and create this reality in your community.

More information

Diagram on banner: planning.vic.gov.au/policy-and-strategy/planning-for-melbourne/plan-melbourne/20-minute-neighbourhoods