Artists in Schools Program is open

Whitehorse News - May 2021

A program which aims to develop an appreciation of arts in our school communities is open for applications for 2022.

Applications are open for a new round of the Artists in Schools Program, providing students and staff the chance to work with a professional artist.

One school to benefit from the program was Koonung Secondary College. Visual Arts teacher Helen Briffa said it was “exciting” to receive the grant, as the school wanted to employ mural artist Brett Ashby (pictured above) to work with the Year 9 Urban Art class.

“Face-to-face teaching enabled the students to work with Brett first-hand and be thoroughly immersed in the project,” she said. Called ‘Light’, the project embodies the emotions felt by students as they reached the end of COVID-19 restrictions. The work reflects all the colours, shapes and line work that interlace with each other to reveal a palpable sense of freedom and light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

Mr Ashby, who was the artist in residence at the Box Hill Community Art Centre for 2019-20, said revealing the student voice was important to him.

“I would highly recommend the … program to other artists. The art process is very original when working with students – I find that very special,” he said. All schools in Whitehorse are eligible for funding to hire an artist to work on an onsite art project, encompassing a visual, performance, music, literature or design focus.

Applications close Friday 25 June for projects starting in 2022.
More information call 9262 6250
Visit Box Hill Town Hall website