Be a Better Biker

Whitehorse News - July 2021

Bike riding is a great way to stay active and see the beautiful sights around our municipality. However, it is important that we are sharing roads and paths safely with people who are walking, riding or driving to avoid accidents and serious injuries.

How bike riders can safely share roads and paths with people walking

When you are on the road, bike riders must give way to pedestrians:

  • at pedestrian crossings: approach crossings at a speed that lets you stop safely
  • at stop signs or lines, including pedestrians and other bike riders crossing in front of you
  • at intersections
  • when entering or leaving a driveway

On a shared user path, bike riders must give way to pedestrians and stay to the left. Slow down and call out or ring your bell to let them know you are there.

Only bike riders under the age of 13 can ride on footpaths, with the exception of those accompanying a child under 13 or someone with a disability. Bike riders must always give way to pedestrians on footpaths.

How bike riders can safely share the road with drivers 
Road rules for bike riders and drivers are the same, except for some differences and additional rules for bike riders.

Use hand signals when required to let others know that you are going to change directions. Obey the road rules and stop at red lights and stop signs.

When approaching an intersection, stay behind vehicles already indicating and turning left.

Bike riders are required to use on-road bike lines where they are provided unless it is impracticable to do so.

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